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"Dongguang Youbiao Electric Co., Ltd." "Dongguang Yongrui Wire Co., Ltd.
" Our company is the first company awarded the British ASTA plug ground pin plugs BS1363 / A certificate zinc alloy.
DONGGUAN UBILL ELECTRICAL CO., LTD is a focus on BS1363 / A UK power cord, the British assembled plugs and accessories, ultrasonic British plug, bakelite not be demolished British plugs, plug assembly bakelite British, British BS1362 fuse production specialized production enterprises, companies in British plug and accessories production and practitioners in the field more than ten years, has accumulated a wealth of research and development, production and quality control experience. Excellent standard electrical equipped with the world's leading fully automated production equipment, and by optimizing product design and production processes, reduce product costs, making the product price in the domestic highly competitive, as the world's English-style plugs and accessories industry leader.
Excellent to spend heavily to build a standard electrical plug BS1363 standard industry benchmark level laboratories, with BSI and ASTA and other internationally renowned testing and certification institutions to establish a strategic partnership to provide customers with pre-tested, free certification and consulting services to help customers dramatically reduce the certification period, reducing the cost of certification.
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